Legends of Steel Barbarians of Lemuria & Dicey Tales Bundle sale!

Legends of Steel Barbarians of Lemuria & Dicey Tales Bundle sale!

From now through Monday, November 26th  at RPGNOW you can get the PDF versions of the Legends of Steel Barbarians of Lemuria edition, Dicey Tales #1 and #2 for just $20.00!

Legends of Steel gives you all the rules for the Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) system and the ready-made Sword & Sorcery campaign world of Erisa.

Dicey Tales #1 and #2 expand on the BoL rules to include new pulp inspired Careers, as well as Boons & Flaws, firearms, vehicles, rules for mysterious powers, and pulp-style technology which will allow you to play just about any genre of Two-Fisted Pulp excitement.

In addition to the core rules and Campaign world of Erisa, this package provides you with 4 Sword & Sorcery adventures and 3 Pulp action adventures!


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Dicey Tales #3 Sneak Peek

The next Dicey Tales project will feature our take on the classic Hammer Horror films. The working title of the project is Carpathia. We have begun work on the rule adaptions, equipment, magic, and bestiary that will allow the GM and player to adventure in a 19th century Gothic landscape. Included in the issue will be a gazetteer to our own campaign land of Carpathia as well as several ready to play adventures.

Have a sneak peek at a pair of sketches from our project artist Peter Frain.

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Dicey Tales #2 is out!

Issue #2 of Dicey Tales continues our two-part foray into the classic adventure pulps. With this issue of Dicey Tales we have included a pulp bestiary, information on enhancing “contacts” for your pulp campaign, and several new Boons and Flaws. In addition, we have also included a 1930′s pulp adventure and two Sword & Sorcery adventures.

Dicey Tales #2 is available at RPGNOW

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Dicey Tales Hard Copy Holidays Sale!

‘Tis the holiday season! Think of it as a “Cyber Monday Event,” on Thursday!

Get $2.00 of on print versions of Dicey tales and we’ll throw in a PDF version for free!

Purchase through the PayPal link in the sidebar!

Happy Holidays!

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Overdue Update

Dicey Tales #1 has been available in print and is selling. I wish it was selling faster, but I really haven’t put a great deal of effort into promotion, so I figure much of the blame is mine.

Dicey tales #2 is ready to go. We just need an open spot on Jason’s schedule for cover art and layout to finish it up.

I have been discussing the next Barbarians of Lemuria project with Simon and he seemed enthused about it (so much so he even offered some of his own work that was sitting “in development”).

The working title of the project is “Sulan” and is basically the BoL engine powering an Oriental/Asian flavored setting similar to that found with shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kung-Fu Panda,  and  Jet Li and Jackie Chan’s Kung-Fu fantasy film Forbidden Kingdom.

In Sulan I’m working on a world combining elements of Chinese, Punjabi, Arabic, and Southeast Asian Myth and culture. Careers have been added and Boons have been re-worked to add Wuxia flavored Martial arts. I’ve also been working on Chi Powers-similar to the psychic Powers found in Dicey Tales #1.

As I said Sulan is in the early stages of development and play-testing, so it  may not see completion until the first part of 2012.

Here are a few sample paragraphs from an early rough draft:

Barraku are “handlers of the dead” in Sulanese society. A character with this career is a professional involved in the business of funeral rites. These tasks often entail the embalming and burial or cremation of the dead, as well as the planning and arrangement of the actual funeral ceremony. It might even involve making the casket to put the body in, but unless the Barraku is a skilled carpenter, these boxes can be very basic. Because they deal with death, they are also trained in the tanning of animal hides, taxidermy and they are even called upon to execute convicted criminals. Barraku also have extensive knowledge of the Undead and the ways of destroying or dismissing them. Barraku do not tend to favor any particular attribute over the others although Appeal is the attribute that would be least required in the performance of their work.

Elemental Sorcerer

These Sorcerers specialize in one of the four core elements; Wind, Flame, Earth, or Water.  Some practitioners learn traditionally from a Master but many learn the basics of their craft at schools. Elemental Sorcerers follow the same rules from the magic section of the BoL Legendary Edition in regards to spell power, cost, and magnitude.  Each element has an associated school the students in these schools learn not only the skills to summon and shape the elements but also specific martial arts fighting style which they use for inner discipline and self-defense.

  • Wind School—Crane Style
  • Flame School—Tiger Style
  • Earth School—Stone Rhino Style
  • Water School—Water Snake Style


The five different types of magic found in the lands of Sulan are Elemental Sorcery, Celestial Magic, Shamanistic Magic, Witchcraft, and Wizardry. While magic is not an everyday occurrence in the lands of Sulan, those who practice magical arts are not as shunned or reviled as they are in less civilized places. Much honor is bestowed upon practitioners of magic who use their skill for the benefit of mankind.

City-State of Quai

Between the southern jungles kingdoms and the borders of Great Sulan lies the powerful  city-state of Quai. Quai’s well manned castles and fortresses control the passes through the mountains and therefore the flow of trade for the entire region. The Raja of Quai leads an army of hardened warriors, Bound Earth Elementals, and a fierce contingent of War elephants. Though officially a tributary state to Sulan, past efforts to conquer this mountain state have always failed.  With the current treaty, honor is maintained, face is saved and trade flows to the benefit of all.

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Dicey Tales hard copy now at available!

After receiving the first issue of Dicey Tales from the printer, I’m happy to say I was very pleased with the result. Its on sale now for $12.00  in the U.S. and $18.00 International here on the sidebar!

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Starting work on Dicey Tales #3

Starting with Dicey Tales #3  we will begin featuring Savage Worlds stats along with those of Barbarians of Lemuria in all of our adventures and pertinent articles.

Issue #3 will also feature the long awaited World of Hador. A Lost World campaign setting for both Barbarians of Lemuria and Savage Worlds.

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Lemurian Lore in Dicey Tales

Simon and I have decided that Dicey Tales will offer a “Lemurian Lore” section in every issue starting with issue #2. 

In the section, Simon and others will offer a mix of short articles covering a variety of subjects – realm information, adventure hooks, area spotlights, notable NPC’s, side treks, and such. All of the content in Lemurian Lore will be approved by Simon and considered “Canon” for the official Barbarians of Lemuria Campaign.

For now, if anyone is interested in submitting content for consideration, you can do so at our official email address.

Title it: Lemurian Lore Submission.

If it is chosen you get author credit and a free PDF copy of the issue it appears in.

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Retiring the Forums

You will notice that we are no longer linking to forums. This was a tough decision, but we found that managing the amount of spam and maintaining defenses against it was becoming difficult.

Dicey Tales, as announced, will be closing the forums. While the decision was not made lightly, Dicey Tales is looking toward the future and examining offerings from Google around the Google+ platform.

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Back From Comic Con!

I just returned from Comic Con 2011 In San Diego, much wiser for the experience.  I made a number of contacts in both the artistic and the small press worlds. I was inspired at seeing so many creators and listening to the many stories of success (and a few cautionary tales of disappointment).

All in all I’m highly optimistic in the success of this venture. I know Dicey Tales is a great idea and it will address a gap in the current RPG scene.  I have a ton of ideas that I want to get to work on and a few changes and tweaks I plan to implement soon.

One of the major changes in-house is the removal of the forums. At the moment the upkeep of the message board is a tedious chore I really don’t have time for. I’m not referring to the topics; there are some very good ones on there, but rather the flood of Spam that appears every morning.  I’m hoping to replace it with a different form of interaction in the future, possibly the forthcoming business edition of Google+.

The second Issue of Dicey Tales is coming along well. I’m in contact with several of the artists and writers and so far they all seem to be right on schedule. Now that Comic Con is behind me, I too can get my creative juices flowing again.  With a bit of luck we should see Dicey Tales #2 by late September, early October.

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