Dicey Tales is the pulp era supplement to the Barbarians of Lemuria Role Playing Game.

“Huh? Barbarians and Pulp?” you ask. Well, allow us to expand on this a bit.

Dicey Tales was created with the goal of giving the fan of the Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) role playing game a chance to explore a variety of pulp genres while still remaining firmly within the BoL rules set.

This means that Dicey Tales is not a standalone game. It is a collection of articles that we hope will enable players of the Barbarians of Lemuria game to expand into different genres beyond the Sword & Sorcery realm of Lemuria, while still retaining, and building upon, the BoL system.

In order to make the best use of much of the information found in Dicey Tales, you’ll need a copy of Barbarians of Lemuria – Legendary Edition from Beyond Belief Games.

About Jeff Mejia

Jeff Mejia has been a fan of roleplaying games and the pulp era genre for over 30 years. As a writer, he has written articles and reviews for Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine and Blackgate Magazine. In 2007 Jeff co-wrote a Sword & Sorcery Role-Playing game called Broadsword for Deep7Games.  He later expanded the world of Broadsword with a campaign supplement named Legends of Steel.  The setting proved immensely popular, and was soon developed for several different role-playing game systems, such as Pinnacle Entertainment’s Savage Worlds system and Barbarians of Lemuria from Beyond Belief Games. The popularity of Legends of Steel enabled Jeff to begin work on a periodical focusing on pulp era gaming named Dicey Tales.

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