Dicey Tales #3 Sneak Peek

The next Dicey Tales project will feature our take on the classic Hammer Horror films. The working title of the project is Carpathia. We have begun work on the rule adaptions, equipment, magic, and bestiary that will allow the GM and player to adventure in a 19th century Gothic landscape. Included in the issue will be a gazetteer to our own campaign land of Carpathia as well as several ready to play adventures.

Have a sneak peek at a pair of sketches from our project artist Peter Frain.

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  1. Spamgristle says:

    I have been really impressed with the Dicey Tales issues out so far. I only wish I’d have been aware of the hardcopy sale going on! And the “Carpathia” setting has me imagining all sorts of ways to go all Ravenloft on my players.

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