Back From Comic Con!

I just returned from Comic Con 2011 In San Diego, much wiser for the experience.  I made a number of contacts in both the artistic and the small press worlds. I was inspired at seeing so many creators and listening to the many stories of success (and a few cautionary tales of disappointment).

All in all I’m highly optimistic in the success of this venture. I know Dicey Tales is a great idea and it will address a gap in the current RPG scene.  I have a ton of ideas that I want to get to work on and a few changes and tweaks I plan to implement soon.

One of the major changes in-house is the removal of the forums. At the moment the upkeep of the message board is a tedious chore I really don’t have time for. I’m not referring to the topics; there are some very good ones on there, but rather the flood of Spam that appears every morning.  I’m hoping to replace it with a different form of interaction in the future, possibly the forthcoming business edition of Google+.

The second Issue of Dicey Tales is coming along well. I’m in contact with several of the artists and writers and so far they all seem to be right on schedule. Now that Comic Con is behind me, I too can get my creative juices flowing again.  With a bit of luck we should see Dicey Tales #2 by late September, early October.

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