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I looked the kid right in the eyes. Glossy eyes. She had that stare. The stare of disbelief, the classic one with mouth agape.

“Kid! Kid! Snap out of it,” I shouted. She started blinking; another second or two I would have slapped her back to her senses.

Sure she had just been offered tea by a talking ape in a well starched coat and and bow tie. “Look, you and I need to be on a plane to Hawaii. Our contact will be waiting and the diamonds that much closer.” She wanted to say something, but then that far away look of adventure returned and the gape became a smile.

I turned toward the study seeing her sense of adventure returning and tried to offer some perspective, ”Doll, you’ll write about this event on the forums. You’ll swear it happened. Your girlfriends will laugh and say you’re just infatuated. But you’ll have new friends that will believe. And the diamonds will always be your friends.”

The Dicey Tales forums are open. Tell your story or ask your questions. We’re shaking out the details, but we look forward to saying, “Hello!”

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5 Responses to Dicey Tales Forums

  1. Kathulos says:

    Are the forums being monitored? I ask because I registered over the weekend and still have not received any email about how to activate my account.
    I would like to get my account activated so that I can start adding links and postings.

    • Tim says:

      Apologies. The forums are monitored. I check them daily.

      It’s possible that I purged your account during some clean up and some administration work that turned on the user validation. We had a large number of spam accounts just prior to the release and I purge accounts that seemed to be inactive or the Evil DM was not familiar with.

      Please re-register. You should get an activation email now. I think you registered in a transitional period this weekend.