Dicey Tales Character Sheet

You ask for it.

Jason Chalker, the same that did the layout work for Dicey Tales Issue #1, sent us the Dicey Tales character sheet. Jason really took a design we drafted to the next level.

Get the Dicey Tales Character Sheet (PDF). Also available on the Downloads page too!

Be sure to check out Jason’s website at Manly Art too!

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3 Responses to Dicey Tales Character Sheet

  1. Badmojo says:

    Some suggestions for improvement, Put the possible uses of Hero points (mostly dead, scene editing, mighty success, just a flesh wound etc) in small print somewhere on the sheet. And perhaps add the XP cost of upgrading somewhere as well. My players ask for this info whenever we play BoL-based games.

    • Tim says:

      Great ideas. I talk to Jeff and see about releasing an update.

      • Badmojo says:

        Sounds good! If it is possible, try to make some circles on the right side for lifeblood tracking (with a paper clip or just to tick off with a pen), a la Deadlands. Speeds up book keeping.

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