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Dicey Tales Character Sheet

You ask for it. Jason Chalker, the same that did the layout work for Dicey Tales Issue #1, sent us the Dicey Tales character sheet. Jason really took a design we drafted to the next level. Get the¬†Dicey Tales Character … Continue reading

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Dicey Tales Forums

I looked the kid right in the eyes. Glossy eyes. She had that stare. The stare of disbelief, the classic one with mouth agape. “Kid! Kid! Snap out of it,” I shouted. She started blinking; another second or two I … Continue reading

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Dicey Tales #1 Now Available

Dicey Tales #1 is available now at Dicey Tales is a periodical that features articles supporting the Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) roleplaying game. Our goal is to expand the reach of BoL beyond Sword & Sorcery into the full … Continue reading

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